male damon diadema on cork bark

The Most Interesting Invertebrate in the World: Damon diadema

  General Origin: In the wild, Damon diadema are found along the Eastern coast of Africa - specifically, in the country of Tanzania. They live in caves (typically near the cave’s entrance, as opposed to in the deep-dark parts) and are often found in large, communal groups. Alternatively, they reside in vertical nooks and crannies of [...]

Damon diadema, amblypygi, whip spider, tailless whip scorpion,

Damon diadema

One of my favorite arachnids is only kinda-sorta an arachnid. It belongs to the class Arachnida, but is of the order Amblypygi, which is quite an exclusive club consisting only of tailless whip scorpions (otherwise known as whip spiders). Fossils of these things have been found dating all the way back to the Carboniferous period - and guess [...]